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Bhaj Govindam by Shankaracharya भज गोविन्दम - शंकराचार्य

Bhaj Govindam by Shankaracharya  lyrics and notes sargam swarlipi raag Kalyan भज गोविन्दम - शंकराचार्य

BhajGovindam byShankaracharya  lyricsandnotes

BhajGovindam byShankaracharya  lyrics notes
Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Oh fool ! Rules of grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

Bhaj Govindam by Shankaracharya  lyrics and notes
Oh fool ! Give up your thirst to amass wealth, devote your mind to thoughts to the Real. Be content with what comes through actions already performed in the past.

Bhaj Govindam byShankaracharya  lyrics  notes
Do not get drowned in delusion by going wild with passions and lust by seeing a woman’s navel and breast. These are nothing but a modification of flesh. Fail not to remember this again and again in your mind.

Bhaj Govindam- Shankaracharya  lyrics notes
The life of a person is as uncertain as rain drops trembling on a lotus leaf. Know that the whole world remains a prey to disease, ego and grief.

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जीवन तारना है तो भज गोविन्दम 

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